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Summit Ballet Theatre (SBT) began in 1992 as a performance opportunity for those dancers who have demonstrated a special interest and talent in ballet. Dancers are auditioned each August and must commit to a rehearsal process beyond their regular classes, culminating in our winter ballet recital. SBT accommodates dancers ages 8 to 18. Some of our high level SBT dancers also participate in the Youth American Grand Prix competitions.





The Summit Invitational is an intensive pre-professional program designed for high school students who have demonstrated a strong ability in ballet, a superior facility and work ethic, and who are interested in pursuing dance in college and as a career. This program has a strong focus on both ballet and contemporary dance, and also exposes dancers to a variety of other dance forms, improvisation, and dance health and nutrition.



Dancers experience smaller classes, specialized attention and regular classes with master teachers and choreographers. Each year, the dancers have two performances including a fully staged show of their own choreography at a local theater. Invitational alumni have received dance scholarships at various colleges and universities, danced in prestigious dance schools and conservatories as well as performed professionally.

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